Meet the SchoolFlex Team

The RainStorm / SchoolFlex Team Headshots

SchoolFlex was created by RainStorm, a web development company located in Orono, Maine.

We’ve been creating beautiful websites for more than 15 years. We’re proud to be best known for our attention to detail and superior customer support. We believe in developing smart technology solutions to promote and enhance access to education. We know that schools have great stories. We want to help you tell them!

Who’s Who at RainStorm

Jason Clarke, Managing Director
Jason is a digital strategist and leader with nearly twenty years experience planning, building, and managing products for web and mobile along with the cross-discipline teams that bring those projects to life. As Managing Director, Jason oversees all aspects of RainStorm from strategic direction to day-to-day operations. Jason draws on his experiences as a web developer, project manager, and agency leader in his role supporting RainStorm’s expert team.

Monique Bouchard, Client Relationship Manager
Monique has been on both sides of the monitor, having served as the Director of Communications for a regional private school before joining RainStorm. Her experience as a school administrator and communicator and field work in educational communications has helped guide the development of SchoolFlex, challenging the development team to see these tools through the eyes of those who use these tools daily.

Evan Habeeb, Designer
Evan’s primary roles at RainStorm include user interface design, graphic design, and art direction for both website and software projects. Evan has been responsible for the design of our showcase SchoolFlex sites and has developed a strong sense of what makes a successful website for school communities, how audiences interact with material online, and how the flow of information translates from desktop sites to a mobile experience.

Leo Edmiston-Cyr, Web Engineering Director
Following his vision to create systems that harmonize with their users, Leo directs our engineering of web technologies, writes code for projects with advanced requirements, and handles systems administration. He sees staff and clients as part of the same team working together to create the best websites for client and visitors alike. Leo has diverse experiences creating a “Super Regional ISP” in Pennsylvania, consulting for companies on software development processes, websites, client relationships, and web analytics.

Leo Joined RainStorm in 2013 because he shares our love of clients, the web, and beautiful engineering.

Ian Lusk, Web Developer
Ian Lusk is our Support Manager and Web Developer working on special projects, advanced technical support, and background operations for RainStorm. He began his career in freelance and has built up a broad range of skills that make him an invaluable ‘jack of all trades’ on our development team.

Ian tackles complex support projects for websites running WordPress and legacy content management systems, researches and advises on the latest standards and technology advances to keep us pushing forward, and ensures all of our client’s websites are kept up-to-date with the latest software and security patches so they’re secure and performing their best.

Ian is a 2015 graduate of the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in New Media

Suze Howe, Support Specialist
Suze is the friendly voice under lots of different hats. She answers our clients’ questions about websites, email, domains and more. From managing accounts receivable and payable, to administrative and HR tasks, to email and website support, to product testing, to keeping the candy dish filled and running the Summer Movie League, she is likely the first person to greet you whether you call, email, or stop by our office. Suze is knowledgeable and compassionate, helping support clients in a down-to-earth, understandable way.

Suze is a 1994 graduate of Clark University with a degree in Graphic Design.

Brian Rahill, Founder & CEO
Brian founded RainStorm in 1999 as a search engine consulting firm. Under his leadership, the company has continually expanded and now provides full-service web development and hosting services. Brian is also the co-founder of CourseStorm, a software company with a mission to connect people to local, affordable education.